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 A New Career

Years ago when people left a “secure job” for a new career it seemed odd. It was more acceptable for a young person to be on that path.

But twenty-somethings aren’t the only people who change careers. Today people who are young-at-heart are beginning a second or third career.  They want less stress, a career they enjoy and a higher quality of life. New training can refresh your current skills or help you start a new career. Training for a new career is as close as your home computer.

Become a Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant industry is fairly new but growing quickly. Administrative professionals can use current skills to start a business; small business owners can get help without hiring a full-time employee. Virtual Assistants can specialize in social media support, general administration, web design, project management and more.

Some VAs tap into skills they used as employees. Others prefer to offer more services but lack the training.

Increase your skills for a new career

Train for a New Career

Cutting through the Noise Online

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the training you see on the Internet. One of the best options I’ve found is VA Classroom University. They’ve been around since 2008 but changed their business model and pricing structure last year. Now it’s more affordable for the average VA to get skills in multiple areas They have three enrollment periods each year like a traditional college or university that operates on quarterly or semester calendars.

Last Day to Enroll

Today (Friday, September 22nd) is the final day to register for the Fall. If you need to expand your skills the VA Classroom University is worth checking out.

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