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Your flowers are blossoming, your dog is ready to play outside and you’re ready to give your lawn a fresh facelift. Pup safety is a priority and having a lush lawn is also a goal. Thankfully, you can have both without making a sacrifice. Let’s take a look.

If you’re using a landscaping service, this is a good time to talk about the chemicals your lawn service uses and things to keep in mind to keep your dog safe, 

Every Day Fun and Pup Safety

Although dogs don’t get “Spring fever” they seem to have more energy once the weather gets warmer. They’re probably like us and happy to cast off those cold weather sweaters before stepping outside.

Along with those enjoyable walks and chasing balls come the sound of lawn mowers and edge cutters. You tolerate the smell of fertilizer and the added pesticides because they protect your new plantings of shrubs and flowers from “critters”, who’d find your new greenery a tempting meal.

Your dog is the same way – curious and prone to sniff or chew a few blades of grass. That’s not always a good thing and could be deadly!

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Keeping Your Pup Safe

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Pesticides and Your Dog’s Health

Many pesticides and some fertilizers on the market keep your yard lush and growing but they’re also toxic to your dog. This is the same happy pup who probably rolls in grass as well as walks on it.

One way to maintain an environment that protects your dog is to monitor the products you and your lawn providers use around him. That will go a long way in guarding your pup’s safety.

Disulfoton is one of the most dangerous pesticides to your dog because it attacks the central nervous system and cause seizures. If you’d considered using snail or slug baits – Don’t!

They contain metaldehyde which is deadly to the pet who consumes anything with it. Read more about the symptoms which are described in this post by the Healthy Pet Network.

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Healthy Grass, Safe Pup

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Healthier Choices for a Lush Lawn

Twenty years ago, there weren’t nearly as many non-toxic pest control substitutions but times have changed. Consider using healthier alternatives to get that lush lawn, such as pyrethrins, which are found naturally in some chrysanthemum. Safer Brand shares details on why it’s a better option and can be used in organic gardening.

SF Home Guides give some helpful ways to use essential oils and other gentler remedies for keeping the pests out along with a safe pup.


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Safely Having Fun!

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Have Fun!

Before heading to those backyard picnics and campground cookouts for Memorial Day find the best products for keeping your lawn lush and pest free, while protecting your dog’s safety. So he and the rest of your family stay happy and healthy.

Tell me in the comments how you keep your dog safe during regular lawn care episodes for your own do-it-yourself projects or when using a service.

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Have a happy Memorial Day weekend!




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