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Ready to jumpstart your VA career? There is a joy starting new adventures. That can happen whether it’s work or a new hobby.  Unless it’s something you’ve been doing for a while chances are you’ll need someone to instruct you.

Increase your skills for a new career

Train for a New Career

Finding a Teacher

I suppose you could try and figure it out on your on your own, but how much time does that waste?

For example, if your new adventure is in the area of being a virtual assistant there is tons of information available online. Some of it is even good information. but do you want to wade through all of that trying to figure out what information is good or what’s a waste of time?

If your goal is to give your VA career a jumpstart, you don’t have time to waste. Your new adventure needs to include focused activity, not aimless wandering.

A while back I learned about a new instructor in the virtual assistant industry and her name is Abbey Ashley. She’s a sharp young woman who decided to start her business in a less than ideal situation and then made it happen.

Sometimes you run across people who claim to be instructors, teachers, trainers, or coaches, but there’s no proof to back up their claims. I wrote an article about it here. Abbey is different.

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Pursue Your Dreams

Adventures Require Risk

Although she’s young enough to be my daughter I admire her resourcefulness and skill. In just a few years, not only has she replaced her income, but has also retired her husband from his job!

Any way you look at it – that’s pretty impressive. Talk about an adventure!

She only opens her VA Bootcamp for enrollment twice a year and now is one of those times.

If you’re a new virtual assistant who’s looking for a program that will hold your hand through the process, or an existing virtual assistant who’s tired of beating your head against the wall, you owe it to yourself so take a look a Abbey’s program. Make your wish for new beginnings count!

She also has an active Facebook community. Feel free to tag me in the group or send me a private message if I can help you.


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Did that “ain’t” plus the i.e. and e.g. reference make you go hmm? I’m thinking if your mama taught you “ain’t” was wrong like mine did it definitely rubbed you the wrong way. When I use the word “ain’t” it’s because I want to make a point.

I grew up in the South (Virginia) and at least one person said “ain’t” around me every day I walked outside. Even if you don’t use ain’t, I.e. and E.g. are abbreviations you probably include in your writing or see in other people’s written communication. Maybe you use one or both of them. But are you using i.e. and e.g. accurately? 

There’s just one problem – it’s wrong!

We build habits through our repeated actions. Let’s look at the abbreviations we use to refer to “for example”. Countless times I’ve read i.e. followed by a list of items used as examples. Whether I see it written in blog posts, articles, or social media comments there’s no shortage of this abbreviation in action. There’s just one problem – it’s wrong! Before you close the page, I urge you to keep reading.

Writers liberally sprinkle i.e. throughout their comments or website copy when they should actually be writing e.g., which means ‘for example”. By contrast, i.e. means “that is”, “in other words”, “that is to say”, or “in other words”. Using this abbreviation is meant to introduce something that will be further explained by what follows.

Don’t believe me? Take a look:

Check out the correct usage of both abbreviations.

E.g. The company has fantastic benefits (e.g., 401K, generous sick leave, and vacation, etc.) which were factors he considered before accepting their job offer.I.e. The company has fantastic benefits (i.e., perks) which were factors he considered before accepting their job offer.

If you create written content personally or professionally (for your own or your client’s business) you owe it to yourself to be as accurate as possible.

As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

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Focus on Your Work


Spell/Grammar Check

If you’re thinking about using the spell/grammar check on your word processing program, I’ll say, “Don’t depend on it.” Why you ask? If you spell the word correctly but don’t use it properly, your spell and grammar checker won’t always catch your mistake.

Technology can’t replace human editing and proofreading. 

I get it.  You’re busy. Missing these errors doesn’t mean you’re not smart. Many of my former coworkers and managers were smart people; they were both college and non-college educated. Still, it was surprising how many people with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees got tripped up by i.e and e.g. Nobody is good at everything.  It doesn’t matter whether you were careless, forgetful or didn’t know, you can’t break a bad habit until you know you have one. Let’s face it. If readers consume your written content filled with errors, they will judge you based on what they see.

If you want to put your best foot forward, sign up for my Word Dodger mini-cheat sheet. It includes reminders about i.e., e.g. and other common grammatical errors we make in our everyday writing. Then you’ll be on our mailing list and get the expanded version when it’s released. Keep it open on your browser tab while you’re writing or print it out for an easy reference.

If you need help checking your content to make sure it’s ready for prime time, reach out to me.

So tell me in the comments if these two abbreviations ever tripped you up or if you already knew the difference.

Here’s to making every touch point with you a positive one!



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 A New Career

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