Greetings, small business owner! I’m glad you stopped by to visit. Do you love what you do? When you think about your clients, do you serve them well? Great! While you’re serving your clients, who’s managing your office? If you feel like you’re “treading water” with your back office functions, you probably need a virtual assistant.
We at Admin Sidekick relieve the stress of small business owners by managing their offices virtually. This allows them to focus on building their businesses.
What is a Virtual Assistant you ask?
A virtual assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, …[1] is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office.” [Wikipedia.org]
A Virtual Assistant (Consultant) provides support to his/her clients to relieve the stressful balancing act between either: 1) servicing clients at peak efficiency or 2) handling the business of your business (scheduling, client support, financial management, etc.)
You only pay for the services you need and those that work for your current business requirements. We at Admin Sidekick will collaborate with you to find the most ideal arrangement for your business.
Schedule a Free 30 minute consultation and start “restoring the balance” between your business and your life.